This programme is structured to meet the specific needs of Professionals who wish to acquire expertise and specialization in the field of Takaful. Hence the programme has exclusive focus on Takaful and will give particular attention to modules that are specifically related to it. The programme will emphasize on practical applications of the underlying Islamic concepts and principles in the operation of Takaful.


  1. Basic Operations of Takaful Companies
  2. Supervisory and Regulatory Issues in Takaful Operation
  3. Concept and Operation of Family Takaful
  4. Concept and Operation of General Takaful
  5. Operation and Processes of Re-Takaful
  6. Management of Claims
  7. Marketing of Takaful Products and Services
  8. Investment and Liquidity Management in Takaful Institutions
  9. Financial Accounting and Reporting for Takaful
  10. Developments and Opportunities in Micro-Takaful

Learning objectives
At the end of the Programme Participants will be able to:

  • Appraise the processes and techniques of Takaful operation
  • Acquire skills and competences that will enable them to perform adequately on the job
  • Make basic innovations in Takaful processes and products
  • Become skilled at utilizing the opportunities offered by current developments in the Islamic Financial Industry

Entry Requirements
The PCT is suitable for Islamic Finance Professionals and Practitioners with a degree or its equivalent in related fields. It will also adequately serve financial advisers, academicians, advocates and solicitors as well as regulators in the finance industry.
Three weeks including assessment