The Programme is designed cater for professionals and practitioners whose chosen area of specialization or interest is Islamic Wealth Management. Hence the course modules are carefully selected to give a very special focus to this important area. These modules will provide the participants with deep knowledge and practical skills on the variety of issues involved in Wealth Management from the Islamic point of view.


  1. Financial Planning and Wealth Management in Islam
  2. Risk Management in Takaful Planning
  3. Islamic Investment Planning and Portfolio Management
  4. Assessment and Management of Zakah
  5. Tax system: planning and management
  6. Islamic Estate Management
  7. Management of Retirement schemes and Waqf

Learning Objectives
At the end of the Programme Participants will be able to:

  • Appraise the processes and techniques of wealth management in Islam
  • Acquire skills and competences that will enable them to perform adequately on the job
  • Implement and monitor Financial plans for clients
  • Become skilled at utilizing the opportunities offered by current developments in the Islamic Financial Industry

Entry Requirements
The PCIWM is suitable for Islamic Finance Professionals and Practitioners with a degree or its equivalent in related fields. It will also adequately serve financial advisers, academicians, advocates and solicitors as well as regulators in the finance industry.
Three weeks including assessment.